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Love Thyself, Dammit!

I’ve been thinking a lot about New Year’s resolutions, not unlike most people this time of year.  When I look at my life and what I want to change about it, my basic resolutions are the same every year.  Your typical lose weight, decrease debt, be positive…you know.  And I still want those things- every day of the year!  I’m a big planner- I have lists of lists- so every few months I’ll put together a new meal plan, or work out schedule….and it will inspire me for a minute.  Then the minute ends, and I get back to my TV and bag of chips.

The funny thing is, when I commit to making a change that is externally focused, I don’t falter.  For example, when I stopped eating meat- it wasn’t because I didn’t like meat, or because I thought I’d be healthier without meat.  I just love animals and didn’t want to be part of a system that caused them pain.  I never looked back.  When I learned more about the evils of the dairy and egg industries, I stopped participating in that as well, cutting out all animal products.  Do I ever crave a burger or a mozzarella stick (or 12)…HELL YES!  But I have no doubt that I will never eat those things again, and feel better about myself for making that choice.

Now, when I feel like the processed, carb heavy food that I’m eating (way) too regularly is making ME feel bad- hurting my insides, making me feel fat, tired, cranky, bloated…I cannot seem to stick to a healthier plan to save my life.  And save my life it will- there are so many things I could do differently that could literally extend the time I get on this planet, and certainly improve the quality of the time I have.

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Why am I able to make a huge lifestyle choice for the love of animals but not for myself?  Don’t get me wrong- I take so much personal pride in my vegan lifestyle, and it does give me that internal satisfaction of making a small difference.  But true self love would be making that choice alongside others that make me happier and healthier inside out.

So I think this New Year I will resolve to show self love by making my health and happiness a priority in addition to feeding my soul by helping others.  Instead of “treating myself” to goodies like ice cream (non dairy of course), an extra helping of pasta, or a 3 hour Netflix binge-fest, I will love myself enough to eat more fresh, healthy meals.  I will love myself enough to move my body every day, and treat my mind to regular meditation.

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In my next post, I’ll lay out some ways that I plan to make self care and love a priority, and I hope you will join me.  And seriously, I’m super excited about making that list 🙂

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