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The gibberish above is a requirement to “claim my blog” on Bloglovin, which I recently discovered as a blogging newbie.  I’m sure there is a more graceful way to put that techie language in a post, but that sounds like time I don’t want to spend.  My hope is more people (read: more than just me and my husband) will check out my little creation by adding this follow option to the blog.

In the spirit of lovin blogs, here are 3 of my favorite blogs to follow:

The Balanced Blonde…A lot of vegans give Jordan a very hard time because she (very publicly) gave up her vegan diet due to an eating disorder.  As a vegan who has embraced the lifestyle for ethical, not health, reasons; I get that it feels like this type of publicity hurts the movement (and thus the animals)- and I also get that a person who only adopted veganism as a DIET and not a LIFESTYLE would feel differently.  But there is more to this blogger than her diet, and the light and love she sends out to the world is amazing.  I have a lot of opinions about vegans vs. non vegans that I will reserve for another post.  Just trust me, Jordan is authentic and lovely and a joy to follow.

The Journey Junkie…Allie is so freaking rad.  And I don’t say rad.  She has some awesome yoga videos, leads an incredibly inspiring Facebook Community, and just makes you feel super special with every post.  I’ve emailed her just to say “hi” and “thanks,” and she responded personally- same day!  Also, she lives like 45 minutes from me so my secret dream is that we’ll be besties someday.  Not a stalker, really.

Women Who Live On Rocks…Ok this one is just super fun.  It’s a compilation of essays by women who live on islands.  My husband and I dream BIG and plan to move to the Caribbean once we strike it rich, so when I’m wishing I had a straw in a coconut and my feet in turquoise water I read these stories and imagine I’m a local.  I just don’t let my husband read them because the posts about giant insects might prove to be a deal breaker.

I’m a total blog junkie, so I’ll post more of these lists in the future.  I’m also a list junkie, so it’ll be a double hit of YUM.  For now, connect with me with all the social media goodness on the right side of my page…I just figured out how to make those damn links work, so work ’em!

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