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The Plan We Planned For. And other plans. Plan.

I talked about making a plan a couple posts ago.  I’m a planner by nature.  Similar to my love of lists, my love affair with planning comes from my incredibly responsible father, who always said that everything will be ok as long as you have a plan.  This has held true for my entire life.  Except when it comes to food poisoning.  There is just no planning your way out of that shit (literally).

I recently purchased a planner, and the day it arrived was more exciting that I care to admit.  I may or may not have jumped up and down.  Photo below is from the site linked above.  I’m their biggest fan that they don’t know about.

January monthly prep in the 'Picture Quote' Happy Planner® of mambi Design Team member Liz Nielson | me & my Big ideas

Anywho, I have a list in my phone titled “New Plan,” where I add brilliant ideas as they come to me (sometimes at 3am) so that when I secure the necessary motivation I can change my life and not forget the critical 3am revelations.  The list is constantly changing.  Before you get too impressed with my superior planning skills, I should note that I also have lists titled the following:

  • Billy’s Clothes Sizes
  • Stuff I Want To Buy
  • To Do
  • To Do Eventually

“To Do Eventually” allows me to sleep at night knowing that, someday, I will organize my closet and move all of my old bills from reusable Wegmans’ bags to a filing cabinet like a grown up.  “To Do” is an ever-changing list in progress, and the joy I feel when it is empty is comparable to how most people probably feel when they do something truly heroic like getting a PhD or finally kicking that crack habit.

So the New Plan.  You may not believe it, but I do dream big.  Lentil Hummus  going on sale at Publix is a phenomenal win on a day to day basis, and YES I did jump up and down for my new planner, but I’m aware that life holds larger potential (but seriously guys, lentil hummus is a life changer.  no joke.).  Right now, I’ll share my BIG PLANS for the future with you.  I know I can trust you with my dreams because you didn’t laugh at me for farting in yoga.


Once I have $3K in disposable income, YTT here I come!  My ultimate goal is to teach yoga to adults with developmental disabilities.  Working with this population was the best job I ever had, and I would freaking LOVE to be able to do it again.

Image result for yoga teacher training


I know, sounds crazy.  But if Women Who Live on Rocks can do it, why not me?

Image result for move to a caribbean island



Image result for i did it

So now you know my big dreams.  Here are some of my smaller goals that I’d like to implement now:

  • Get up earlier and do yoga & meditate every morning; even if it’s only for 15 minutes.
  • Eat less gluten.  I’m not allergic, and BEING VEGAN IS NOT THE SAME AS BEING GLUTEN FREE (this is a constant and exhausting assumption), but I eat lotsa carbs and I’m tired of- as my gorgeous, fabulous-in-every-way friend Mariah call it- PASSHHTA BELLY.  (Mariah is my first real subscriber here and I am eternally grateful for her support.  I have also promised to take her with me on Ellen and the Today Show when this takes off and I’m rich and famous.)  My sister just had a baby (the cutest baby that ever lived, EVER), and she’s working on losing the baby weight.  I was sad to discover that my belly is bigger than hers and I didn’t grow a person in there.  I mean, yay for positive body image and self love, but, dude, I just want my pants to fit.  Doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate my bodacious bod.
  • Save moolah and chip away at debt-mountain.
  • Work on this blog errrry day.

Very doable, right?  The morning thing is hard though- I’ve had that on my list for a loooong time and have yet to actually get up a mere half hour early and make it happen.  But it’s on the list, and staying there, so eventually I know I’ll make it happen, and be SO GLAD.


They say that telling other people about your goals help to hold you accountable, which in effect gets you off your ass to make them happen.  Here’s to hoping!  And happy planning!  Here is a picture of the lentil hummus that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (and my mother-in-law’s pretty nails):

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