Dear Starfish Diaries

I’m not freaking out, YOU’RE freaking out.

OMG my blog is on Facebook.  Which means people will read my words.  I wasn’t as nervous when I put the link on Instagram, because I didn’t really GET Instagram, and my parents aren’t on it.  Also not TOTALLY panicked when I finally told my best friends about blogging, and only mildly nauseated when I mentioned it to my sister.  I even made a Pinterest page, but haven’t given it much attention yet, so no need to worry there.

BUT FACEBOOK IS BIG, PEOPLE.  And now it’s out there.  I, who have spent my adult life trying to fly UNDER the radar, am shouting from the internet-rooftops that I have shit to say.  And now I’ve said “shit.”  Twice.  I could have said “fuck” and then we’d all be in trouble.  Oh…piss it.  (see what I did there?)

Ok, the Love Actually reference calmed me down a little.  Now on to something super insightful so anyone reading this actually comes back once or twice.  Or subscribes.  I’m looking at you, Mom.

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I have a whole fabulous list of things I want to write about, but my wishiest wish is that I’ll earn a tribe of readers here who help guide me to decide what truly rocks their world.  From my posts so far you’re either totally psyched by or totally sick of veganism, yoga, weight loss, self love, and planning/list making.  Heck, maybe you even thought this would be a scientific blog about the echinoderm: Starfish, or Fromia Monilis.  If that’s the case, I do apologize, and please follow the link to Wikipedia.  That’s all I have to offer you.

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Here is the real reason for the name of the blog.

For anyone else still hanging out, YAY!  Thank you for believing that I might have something cool/significant/entertaining to say!  I will try to deliver.  Let me know in the comments or contact page what you like, hate, etc.  Or just keep reading and maybe I’ll keep you company while you’re on the can.

For now I just wanted to post something short to say THANK YOU for stopping by, and for reading my words.  I hope you’ll stick around while I figure out this world of technology and write some fun stuff that we can both enjoy.

Here are some upcoming post ideas; in no particular order, with unofficial titles, and with lots of wiggle room to change depending on our mood(s):

  • Why are vegans so mean?  I’m not, and here’s why.
  • Let’s do a cleanse, shall we?  No, not with juice.
  • A generational identity crisis: Gen X or Millennial?

Nothing will make me happier than if you reach out, so talk to me!  I already think you’re the cat’s pajamas just for showing up.

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