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Cutting The Crap, Week 1 Down! Wins and Woops!

I have a confession to make.  After being uber committed to week 1 of my 4 Week Plan to Cut the Crap, I totes fell off the wagon today.  I had a super lazy day; vegged out to the Kardashians, finished my book (if you haven’t read “Love Warrior,” you really must.  Cannot tell you how much I loved it.), and didn’t bother showering.  I make no apology for my day of leisure, but unfortunately it led me down the rabbit hole of eating way. too. much.  Which was a gateway drug to my true addiction, Crystal Light (not “lite” which I erroneously believed when I wrote the first post- woops).  So I had a big ‘ol glass with my second helping of lentil hummus this afternoon.

Old Liz would have thrown in the towel at this slip, hated herself, and given up the plan entirely.  As I’ve mentioned, I do love to plan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I follow through every time.  But I am not old Liz.  I am new Liz, and I will practice what I preach, which is to love yo damn self!  And love means forgiveness.  So, earlier-today-Liz, I forgive you.  And I will re-commit to cutting the crap out of my diet, because I love you enough to put good food in your body so you can feel good and stick around the planet as long as possible.

So, now that the confession is out there, time to celebrate success!  Aside from today, I went without any artificial sweetener all week!  I had unsweetened tea, water with lemon every morning, and narry a diet soda crossed my lips!  Woop!  Not only that, but I made an effort to eat more good, whole food.  I even cooked up some mean white bean and lentil burgers from Thug Kitchen Cookbook, and they totally rocked my world.  Um, with Trader Joe’s Goddess Dressing?  Game changer.

Game changer.
My attempt to show you the recipe. You should probably just buy the book.


The biggest plot twist happened on Thursday and Friday…guys, I got my rear out of bed early and exercised.  The only explanation is body snatchers.

So, onto week 2 with gusto!  This week is out with all things white!  No pasta, white bread, white rice, white flour!  Toodaloo bagels!  See ya lata, pretzels!  My lentil hummus will miss you, but it has a hot date with some carrots that are lookin mighty nice.  All the while continuing on the no artificial sweetener kick.

Lapses happen; in diets, in life.  The only thing that comes from obsessing over past stumbles is more stumbling.  I mean, you can’t take steps forward while looking behind you, right?  I’m a fall-risk even when I AM paying attention!  So if you are just starting, if you started and stopped, if you had a good but not great week of whatever improvements you’re working on in your own life, hold your head high and move on.  Truly, it’s the only option.

If you are joining me on my cut-the-crap journey, or if you’re embarking on a transformation of your own, leave some love!  Life is way more fun when we cheer each other on.

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