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Sharing the Podcast Love

We’re in week 4 of the 4 week plan to cut crap out of our diets, and for this final week we bade farewell to our processed snack foods.  While I’m missing crackers and chips, I’ve found myself “snacking” on a new addiction…podcasts.

Oh, the podcast.  A beautiful invention, and available in endless flavors!  Whether your hungry for health & wellness, entrepreneurial tips, kitchen hacks, astrology, parenting, yoga, addiction recovery, or travel; there is a podcast for you.  Hell, there are probably 10,000 podcasts for you!

My 30-45 minute commute has become DELIGHTFUL since I discovered podcasts.  My recently discovered love affair with running is SO much spicier with my new friends chattering in my ear.  I find myself looking forward to previously mundane tasks because they provide opportunities to tune in!  Game.  Changer.

I’m here today to spread the love.  While you may not hold the same interests as I do (what, are you crazy???  I kid.), my intention is to give you a jumping off point that will allow you to dip your toe in a podcast puddle before diving into the sea of your own favorite shows.

First things first- where does one find these conversational gems?  Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is an app for that.  There are a lot of apps for that.  If you are an apple person, you probably have itunes, and thus you are already privvy to the podcast mother-load.  You can move past this portion of the program.  They’re all right there in the palm of your hand, so lucky you.  Pin a rose on your nose.

Love you, Apple peeps!

Olive branch?

If you’re an Android person like me, I recommend Stitcher.  It’s easy to search for podcasts on this app, and you can set it up so that it downloads your favorites while you have wifi, so you aren’t using data when you tune in later in the car.  Major win.

If you don’t want to download an app, you can also stream episodes from the podcast’s site itself, but that will be more data-heavy if you’re away from home.  I still do this for the few shows that aren’t on Stitcher yet….to my husband’s dismay.

Like I said, you can find podcasts on virtually ANY topic.  I found one I loved through a blog, and then started listening to her guests’ podcasts, and branched out from there.  You’ll have your own journey, but feel free to cast off using one of my faves listed here:

Soul on Fire: This podcast is by Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde, who I’ve brought up before.  She’s like chocolate covered pretzels to my ears- fun and sweet and easy to go through a whole bag without noticing.  She talks about practices, treatments, foods, and supplements in the health and wellness arena- some of which have yet to hit the east coast- and I just get a little sugar high every time I tune in.  Her show’s purpose is to interview people who have set their “soul on fire” by following their passion in life, which is always inspiring.  She’s my fave, and I usually find myself following her guests on every social media platform immediately upon finishing each episode.

The Party in My Plants Podcast: I mean, can you even?!  The name alone is fantastic.  A show about plant based nutrition with a fun spin.  Sometimes I find that it sounds a little scripted, but when Talia has guests on the convo gets much more comfortable.  It’s energetic and fills me with hope that I will be a whiz in the kitchen if I keep trying!  Her schtick is that “Eating healthy doesn’t suck!”  and I love that, because, well, sometimes it kind of does.  She’s also inspired me to purchase some very cheap, very cool kitchen gadgets.

Raise Your Hand, Say Yes:  Tiffany is super cool.  She’s also 37, which is about a decade older than most of the podcasters I follow.  Thank God.  She’s all about saying YES to the things in life that will feed your soul, and not in a cheesy way- totally down to earth and easy to relate to.

That’s So Retrograde: This one’s a little hippie dippie, but I’m down with that.  The theme song alone will get you hooked.  As you’d expect, Elizabeth and Stephanie talk about astrology, getting zen, and pretty much anything they’re in the mood for.  Totally chill, man.

Run, Selfie, Repeat:  A newbie on my favorites as I wanted to add a running cast to my workout list for obvious reasons.  So far I’m entertained.

Why Not Now?:  Amy Jo interviews people who had a “why not now” moment in their life that they took a leap from, and it is super cool to hear about people who took big risks and made big changes to better themselves and their lives.  I like to be inspired, can you tell?

Truth and Dare: This is a new podcast, but I’ve been following Allie’s blog and online yoga classes for awhile and I’m beyond excited that she is moving the show to the land of the audible.  There are only 3 or 4 episodes out so far, but I’m psyched to hear it grow- she is a yoga badass who is making her dreams come true with some serious determination.  Love her.

Here are some others that I won’t go into detail about, but would be remiss to neglect as I truly enjoy them as well:

The Rich Roll Podcast, Being Boss, The Lively Show, Yoga Crush, Blissful Bites Podcast, HOME Podcast, Let It Out with Katie Dalebout, WANTcast: The Women Against Negative Talk Podcast, and One Part Podcast.

Check out one, or all, or none, but at the very least, do some searching of your own and find something that speaks to you!  Your brain will thank you for giving it a break from cackling morning show radio hosts and “It’s HUUUUUGE-AH” commercial breaks.  Promise.

If you are obsessed with a podcast that I didn’t mention, I would be eternally grateful to hear from you!  I am always looking for new fab shows to check out, and since we’re blog-besties, I’m certain you have excellent taste.


2 thoughts on “Sharing the Podcast Love

  1. It’s so fun reading your blog. I’ve recently referred to myself as a podcast whore so I was excited to read what you’re listening to! My friend (a self described jewelry whore!) and I got hooked on Serial. Which lead us to Breakdown.

    Miss your contagious smile up north but love the starfish diaries!

    Lori (RAS volunteer)

    1. Hi Lori!
      Thank you so much for reading, I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying it! I miss you guys up north as well- thank goodness for social media to keep up with everybody!
      I will definitely check out Serial and Breakdown- can’t ignore the advice of a podcast whore!!!
      🙂 So great to hear from you!

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