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A Taste of What’s to Come

I’m invading your inbox today not for a full length blog post, but to give you a sneak preview…a “taste” if you will…of some additions coming soon to Starfish Diaries!

Numero Uno…Recipes!  I’m certainly not a professional chef, but I have a lot of fun putting together creative, good-for-you, vegan recipes in the kitchen.  My only rules are that every recipe be simple, inexpensive, and of course, delicious.  To my husband’s chagrin, my normal cooking style is pretty fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, and I can’t say I’ve ever really minded whether i could reproduce any one creation.  That stops now!  I’m putting together some fun, easy, delicious meals that you will be able to: A) Make super quick, B) Set and forget, i.e. crock-pot style, or C) Make in big batches and eat all week!  Often all of the above.  So stay tuned, and get hungry!

Numero Dos…Guest Posts!  Once a month- timeline subject to change- I will have a guest blogger post a titillating article for your reading pleasure.  If you think you’d like to throw your hat into the Starfish ring, send me a message on the “Contact Us” page, or in the comments below.  Get excited…I have some humdingers lined up for ya.

Numero Tres…Work with me!  This will only excite you if you are looking for a writer, but it’s news nonetheless.  See new page here for more info.

I hope you’re psyched, because I sure am!  I’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and requests.

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