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These are a few of my favorite things.

I’m flailing a little bit lately in the blog department.  Working on getting a little more streamlined and consistent.  In the meantime, I think it’s time for a list.  A list of my favorite things.


Shocker, right?  Bear with me.  I love the practice of yoga, but there’s more to it than that.  It’s everything- every sensory and intuitive piece of the puzzle.  I love the deep stretches, the flow, the beauty and the strength of every movement.  I love the smell.  The incense and essential oils, the candles, the lavender mat cleaner.  I love that it’s dimly lit in a safe space.  I’m usually a person who wants all of the lights on, but something about the soft lighting and warm atmosphere, I don’t need the lights on to know everything is OK.  I love the beginning of practice- the excitement and nerves of what is to come followed by the quieting of breath and the feeling of calm.  I love the end.  Savasana.  Om.  Namaste.  And then the best day, or best night sleep.  Beyond the studio, I love pictures of yoga on the beach.  Yoga in the woods.  Yoga poses against backdrops of blue sky and uplifting quotes in pretty cursive letters.  I love the Sanskrit words and symbols, the mala beads, and the chakras.  I love the ancient practices, the introduction of yoga to the western world, and the allure of Lululemon.  When I’m having an overwhelming day, I think about yoga, and I stretch, and breathe, and I feel better.  Yoga is safety when I’m afraid, calm when I’m anxious, reassurance when I’m insecure.  It’s all the good things.

Getting into bed at night

Is there anything better?  Climbing into fresh sheets (clean thanks to my wonderful husband), getting just the right pillow density behind my head to be relaxed but able to read/scroll through Instagram, fuzzy socks in place, fuzzy cat beside me.  Dog on the floor, laying down with a defiant “hurumph” when I ask him to cuddle with me.  (That means “no” in dog.)  Reading a book/scrolling through Instagram until my eyes are heavy, then rolling over to fall asleep.  I say “thank you,” every night in that moment.  For everything.

Nice People

There are so many nice people.  My office just participated in a program that sponsors foster children to buy them back-to-school items.  So many backpacks were purchased, but also clothes, and toys, and sneakers that were just the right size for a ___-year old, and had Spiderman on the sides.  Some people brought in extra backpacks in case there were kids who didn’t get sponsored.  Nobody signed their name or asked for recognition.  Also, the vet called me at 8am on Tuesday after we brought 2 of our pets in on Monday.  Just to check in.  They don’t get paid for that.  And I never see an accident on the side of the road without multiple cars pulled over to help.  And if you want support for something that ails you; be it a mental health issue, a physical health issue, a past trauma, or a fear of flying- there’s a group for that.  Many, actually- both online and in person.  Because people take care of each other.  There are so many nice people.

Eternal Optimism

Yes, I get crabby.  I can feel defeated, overwhelmed, and stressed.  But I always know- deep down- that everything is going to be OK.  Things just tend to work out the way they’re supposed to.  I listened to a podcast the other day (From the Heart, Conversations with Yoga Girl), and a woman who had truly been through the most traumatic thing I can imagine had a really beautiful take on loss and grief.  She said that when you are a child, and your parent tells you, “no,” you are so angry.  You can’t believe how mean and unfair they are being, because you really, really want the thing.  But then you grow up, and years later- a lifetime later- you find out that the “no” was out of love.  There was a reason, a lesson, and love behind the “no.”  And she said that she trusts that God, or the Universe, or whatever you want to believe in, has a reason for every “no.”  For everyone we don’t get to keep in our lives, for every opportunity lost, for every mistake made.  There is love behind that “no.”  And to trust in that is to survive every heartache life throws at us.  Even if we need to have a temper tantrum in the moment.

Sunsets.  Sun rises.  The beach.  My dog.  Lemons in warm water.  Amazon Prime.  

These are a few of my favorite things.

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