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You are LITERALLY the center of the universe.

I keep hearing a theory lately that I really like, so I think I’ll write about it.  I’m not sourcing myself here, because I’ve seen various versions of this, and I’m only sharing my interpretation.  Basically, the premise is this:

All the pain you endure in life; the losses, the regrets, the battles fought and not all won; you chose every one of them.  At some point, when you were just an idea of a person floating around in the universe, you knew that you had to walk through a unique fire to become the person you are meant to be, who is exactly the person the world will need.  And nobody else can do it- nobody else can survive your journey and go on to spread exactly the kind of light that only you can shine.

It’s beautiful.  I like the thought of me before me, up in some infinite sky, agreeing to all of this, because without it I won’t get to where I need to be.

I think the best part is that person I need to become is just so important- such a critical lynch pin to the way the universe is going to unfold, that there was never any question of whether I’d agree to it.

If I’m sounding a little full of myself, that’s not my intention.  As much as I’d love to be telling you, with all certainty, that I am LITERALLY the center of the universe, I’m not.

I’m telling you, with all certainty, that each one of us is the center of the universe, because we’re all critical pieces of this huge crazy puzzle.  Nobody’s pain is for nothing.  Not a single battle is wasted.  

We’re just here to learn how to be our best selves, our most loving selves.  And we’re all so different in what we need to experience in order to get there, that it can seem like some people get dealt a crappy hand, while others get an unfair advantage.

No, I think we get what we get because we chose it.  Before we were here we said, “Yep, bring it on.  I can handle it, and nobody can do it for me.  And it’s worth it because the world needs me to be the person it will teach me to be.”


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